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Black, green and red algae will only be present on surfaces that are regularly fed via a water source or prolonged wet weather but to survive and flourish, they need a regular moisture source. We use our unique process to protect your property from biological damage.

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Soft Washing incorporates special low-pressure nozzles on the end of a pressure washing gun. Not only does the soft washing method clean surfaces, such as your siding, deck, patio, or fence, safely and thoroughly, it also maintains paint and masonry longer.
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We are able to undertake steam cleaning of red brick, stone & concrete walls including graffiti removal on surfaces that would not tolerate abrasive techniques such as sandblasting. 

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Unlike 'high pressure washers' that use cold water, our machine produces 150 degrees C steam perfect for removal and denaturing of algae, lichen & ivy growth, road traffic film and general pollution that can make building facades unsightly and drab in appearance.

Professional Work

Are your gutters always blocked and over flowing due being filled with moss? Our moss cleaning service can help remove moss, algae and lichens from you roof and restore it to a clean and working condition.

Professional Service

We protect your property from organic impurities such as algae, moss and linches. Our unique technlogy is a long-term investment for property owners.

Destroying the fungal growth

Moss Killer  is applied to your roof by a gentle, low-pressure spray.  It kills moss, fungal and lichen growth within 1 hour.  As the dead moss,fungal and lichen growths break down, natural weathering, wind and rain take over and clean the roof. 

Nano Protection

We apply Nano coating materials – special Weather protection for Brick and Concrete is a high-performance, nanotechnology enabled coating for protection for absorbent mineral surfaces such as concrete, plaster, paving stone, and cementitious materials.

What We deal With

The presence of moulds, fungus, algae, lichens, and mosses is undesirable, as they may metabolize the organic substances contained in the construction materials, leading to physical and chemical changes in the substrate and weakening its structure.

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Why use Our Service

Moss and lichen damage the high quality coating on your roof. This means decay, erosion, rust, possible water leaks and an unmaintained, dirty appearance of your home.

Soft Wash Cleaning

We clean all types of buildings softly removing dirt and green algae.

Wall Cleaning

We clean walls of any size removing all dirt and algae built up over time.

Timber Deck Cleaning

We can preserve your timber decking and make it safer getting rid of mould and algae.

Steam Cleaning & Restoration

We effectively clean your cladding without damaging the panels using steam and physical agitation to remove contaminants and stains.

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